We are a group of garden enthusiast volunteering our time in Osawatomie Ks newest community garden to encourage students in the #367 to learn about Agriculture

Volunteer led Gardening Club for students in the USD#367 to learn about gardening, agricultural production, healthy lifestyles, nutrition, marketing, and sales. Participating students will prepare, plant, harvest, and sell crop production. All produce sale proceeds will be deposited into a scholarship fund at Great Southern Bank. Senior students will be able to apply for a scholarship upon meeting eligibility requirements. All students will gain hands on knowledge through a fun and enriching experience.

General Information
Osawatomie Community Garden Plots are available for lease to Miami county residents. Student volunteers from USD#367 as well as adult volunteers will begin preparing for our second annual growing season in the Osawatomie Community Gardens Over the Rainbow Garden Club Plots on February 22nd. Planting will begin March 9th. April 1st any remaining vacant community garden plots will be maintained by students as well as the 10+ plots currently designated for students. Students will be learning valuable skills, while staying active, and will harvest and sell crops this spring/summer. All proceeds will be deposited into a scholarship fund for participating students of the #367 district. Graduating High School students who have met the requirements will be eligible to receive these scholarships Volunteers of all ages welcome : )

Founding date
Founded in 2013 by Dave French, D.J. & Lori Needham, and Michelle Burroughs with help from adult volunteers D.Snow, Braxton Taylor, Maria Jones, Lloyd Mcrea