Scholarships To Date! $11,184 Raised in Five Years!

We, Oz Garden Club) has operated for five full growing seasons.  To educate all, every veggie sale that occurs at our veggie stand, (Farmer’s Market) goes directly in our Youth Scholarship Fund.  The hours worked are divided into the season sales for that year.  We as an organization pay our yearly sales tax which comes off of the top first.  Then the money is divided accordingly by the hours worked individually by the youth in the Oz Garden Club.  The money is to be used for Higher Learning, by attending a four year or two year institution or by also attending a vocational school.  This is upon graduation from High School.

Here are the Numbers…..

$11,184     Five Full Growing Seasons, shared by 53 students.

$700         Paid out to three graduating Seniors.

$2,349     Shall be paid out to TEN graduating Seniors at Osawatomie High School in the spring of 2018.  (Checks received upon enrollment criteria for Fall 2018, Higher Education)

Author: David French

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